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Project Description
Native Web View is a cross platform mobile toolkit leveraging the power of HTML5 and Xamarin C# for UI creation.

Native Web View is a mobile development kit used for building cross platform mobile apps in C# and CSS. This project gives developers a simple way to build cross platform mobile apps. While currently only available as a Windows Universal Toolkit, this will soon be available for Android and iOS.


  • I have just completed an initial release for Android. Feedback would be great!
  • IoS is a bit down the line, I don't have a Mac :(

Development Plans

Getting Started

To get started using this toolkit, include the core, API, and control library for your project type.

Below is some example code for Windows Universal development:

    var webView = new WebViewUserControl();
    root.Children.Add(webView ); //Asuming root is a added UI control
    var textElement = new TextElement("Hello World");
    var contentView = new ContentView(webView, null);

This project started when building the game Get Off My Cloud. Having some experience with Cordova PhoneGap I knew the hardships with trying to debug a mobile JavaScript application. So I designed Get Off My Cloud as a hybrid phone app, where part of the code is native, and the UI is HTML. This allowed easier debugging and gained a lot of UI flexibility on different platforms. It still included a lot of JavaScript, which was most of the coding time. So I created this framework to hold all of the JavaScript we would ever need when building a new series of hybrid HTML5 apps.

If you need more help, check out the example project, HadriansWall. This project is located in the example folder.

If you are using this in a paid app, please purchase a single site (honor system).



Creative Commons License
Native Web View is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License by Steamfist Innovations

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